How much does Carnival cost?

How much does Carnival cost?

We understand that in recent years the large, on-street St Pauls Carnival events have cost in the region of £250,000 with substantial costs including waste collection and policing. However in the current economic climate that is not sustainable. 

One of the main aims of the CIC is to establish a new financial model that can help St Pauls Carnival become more self-sufficient and reduce costs in some areas, for example we are looking at ways to increase safety and reduce waste. And at the same time finding ways to increase revenue from other sources. 

We have core funding from Bristol City Council and Arts Council England for the creative and artistic development of the event which we will need to match with sponsorship and fundraising activities to make it really special in its 50th anniversary year.

The ambition of the CIC is to take carnival back to its roots. Rather than commercialising it through sponsorship deals with the biggest brand names possible, we are inviting local people to get involved, participate and volunteer, to help keep the true spirit of St Pauls Carnival alive and making it viable in the future.

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