Saturday 6th July 2019

After the 50th anniversary in 2018, this year’s event promises to be just as spectacular.

The Procession route

The procession will see approximately 1,000 people in groups displaying arts of costume, dance, and instruments along a parade route. The procession will last approximately 5 hours from 12:00 start to 17:00 finish where participants will parade along a road route following motorised vehicles of sound systems and musical instruments.

On the day Map.PNG

Live Locally?

Welcome to your section of the website, created for residents in St Pauls and neighbouring areas. 

 After 50 years of bringing together communities and showcasing the incredible amount of culture and diversity in the city streets, the historic St Pauls Carnival took place on Saturday 7th July from 12 noon to 10pm.



THANK YOU: We would like to say a huge thank you to residents who have helped clean up St Pauls after Carnival. We are sorry that the clean-up operation in St Pauls has taken longer than expected, due to the sheer volume of litter left behind, and would like to thank residents for their patience - it is greatly appreciated.

Bristol Waste Company and volunteers have cleared tonnes of rubbish from the area, but if you are aware of any remaining then please contact Bristol City Council.


Roads in St Pauls were closed to allow for a car-free Carnival.

We thank residents for their cooperation and patience during this time.


Food Hygiene Courses were available for Traders to get their food safety certificate secured to sell food/drink on the day of Carnival, with 45 St Pauls residents gaining certification.