News - Carnival newsletter - June 19

Newsletter June 2019

Mas Camps

The first of the three mas camps took place last Sunday 9th June at PILOXERCISE Studios in the centre of Bristol, it was well attended and great fun to see costumes coming together!

Our aim in doing these sessions is to display and educate the community through fun, interactive workshop style events.

We are supporting local designers, and existing mas bands and will be hosting an event to display to the public how costumes are made, and how they can participate in the costume and carnival process.

There will be music, entertainment and plenty carnival vibes!

Forthcoming Mas Camp Dates Saturday 15th June 12-4pm at the Malcolm X Centre

Saturday 22nd June 12-4pm at the Malcolm X Centre

sound systems

We can’t wait to bring the streets of St Pauls to life in partnership with the Soundsystem Federation who are managing our 12 carnival sound systems. These are carefully located to spread the fun and keep key routes into the carnival site open and ensure quick access when needed, for health and safety reasons.

Non-licensed sound systems risk blocking these vital safety routes so please speak to the Soundsystem Federation before setting up any outdoor speakers as crowds blocking open routes will be cleared. The same applies to non-licensed stalls and traders who will be asked to move on.

The St Paul’s Carnival team aims to create a safe, fun and engaging event for everyone. We must ensure we are fully compliant with the health and safety procedures required by Bristol City Council whilst working with the community to ensure everyone has a chance to take part in the Carnival. The future of carnival relies upon this so please help us keep everyone safe while we celebrate carnival 2019.

Schools’ Programme Now all six of the two-day costume making workshops with Helen Davenport have been completed. Each school which took part worked with Helen based around this year’s theme ‘Our Journeys’ and the costume outcomes have been spectacular. Here are a couple of examples of the creativity and colour that they will bring to the day:

Both the dance and drumming workshops are well underway. Each school is in the process of learning their dance choreography or drumming routine for the procession/performance on the day. They will each do a final dress rehearsal the week before St Pauls Carnival all in preparation for the big day. The students and their teachers are really getting involved and thoroughly enjoying these workshops. We have loved spending time with the schools so far, working together to create a big, fun and beautiful procession to parade through St Pauls.

Tom Burton, the head teacher of Cabot Primary School is also keen to build an ongoing partnership with St Pauls Carnival and we are supporting Cabot Primary School, with an understanding of their culturally diverse community, to hold their own School Carnival event on the 4th July 2019 for families of the students.



It is your Carnival happening on your doorstep, if you want to truly support and experience it you need to BE CARNIVAL...

Volunteer today at

There are a wide variety of exciting roles, available in every aspect of Carnival, from now until the big day on 6th July. Let your Carnival journey begin...

To each Volunteer Carnival pledges:

- An essential and valuable role in the lead up

- Work only a four-hour shift on the day of Carnival

- Free limited-edition T-Shirt

- Official Carnival Certificate

- Ticket to an Official Carnival After Party

- Make friends and have fun

- C.V. Reference

- Event management and first aid course

Sign up and for more information

For any queries contact

St Pauls Volunteer Photographer Opportunity

We have a truly unique and exciting opportunity for four local community photography enthusiast volunteers. A weekend training course the weekend of Carnival with Matt Stuart, Lua Ribeira and Martin Parr, leading photographers in their industry. Leading to an exhibition at the Arnolfini of the images taken on the day of Carnival.

This course is worth hundreds of pounds but thanks to the Martin Parr Foundation working with St Pauls Carnival these four places will be totally free – perfect for a budding future professional photographer to expand their portfolio and gain valuable experience!

Professional camera equipment will be available if necessary. This is a truly special experience and could see your work at the Arnolfini gallery and who knows where next.

We are keen that the four spaces go to the most worthwhile residents.


5th (evening) and the 6th - 7th July / St Pauls Carnival / Bristol

9 - 12 July / Pop up studio / Arnolfini Watch the exhibition take shape in a pop-up studio

12 July, 6pm / Opening party / Arnolfini Final selection and installation will be unveiled

CARNIVAL POP UP exhibition will run until 11 August

If you are a photographer enthusiast or local professional contact us at and send us a few of your best shots with a brief description about yourself.

Upcoming events

13th June 2019 Information surgeries will be at St Pauls Learning Centre, in the café area from 11am-2pm starting with TENS License enquiries

15th June 1019 Volunteer Training Day, Hamilton House, 1st floor, 3A event Space. 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY (above the Canteen) Starting at 10am and finishing at 5:00pm.

You will be taking part in and receive on the day a BTEC L2 Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events

This is an accredited course and will look great on a C.V. Also, a valuable qualification if you want to work in the events industry or beyond. For more information please visit

4th July 2019 Festival of Ideas, Africa Writes Bristol & St Pauls Carnival present Mother Country: Real Stories from the Windrush Children

For further information please email