Seven Saints of St Paul's murals celebrate carnival founders

A four-year-long project celebrating the origins of St Paul’s Carnival in time for this year’s celebrations.

Seven prominent walls in St Paul’s have now been painted with colourful and poignant murals of the founders of the annual event.

The large depictions of Carmen Beckford, Dolores Campbell, Barbara Dettering, Clifford Drummond, Audley Evans, Roy Hackett and Owen Henry include symbols and quotes representing their tireless work in the community.

Artist Michele Curtis, who painted the pieces in collaboration with The Paintsmiths, said that it has been an emotional journey creating the tributes, called the Seven Saints of St Paul’s.

“Being from the African-Caribbean community, for me, growing up in Bristol, St Paul’s Carnival was a lot more than just a street party. It’s permission to celebrate our heritage,” Michele told Bristol24/7.

To read more and see the fantastic images, simply follow the link below:


(Image credit: Bristol 24/7, artist: Michelle Curtis)