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Stallholder Application AREA

Sights, sounds, tastes and smells are a huge part of carnival and none of this would be possible without local traders. 

Please take a moment to fill in the forms below and tell us a little bit about yourself, your business and what you plan to bring to carnival 2018

We've teamed up with the team at Dick Vernon to make the trader application process as seamless as possible.

If you don’t already have an account registered with RB Vernon the first thing is to set up an account, please fill out the account application form at making sure the information you supply is accurate and the product description is comprehensive.

If you are successful in your application, it will be to sell only the goods or services you have registered in your account.

Take time to look through the FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions as these will give you valuable and important information.

There will be a short period until your account is approved and then you will be able to Apply for events.



- To apply just log into your account at  and select “Already a Member” fill out the credentials you set up your account with and click the “Apply to Events” button, here you can click on the “Apply” button.

- Once you have selected St Pauls Carnival you will be able to click on the “View Cart” button, (it will appear at the side of the apply button).

- Next click on the “Application Overview” button and make sure your contact details are correct before submitting your application.

- If you want to apply for two stalls just click the apply button twice or amend the quantity in your cart before submitting your application. If your second stall is of a different size please give us the dimensions in the “Order notes” field.

- After submitting your application you will no longer be able edit the events you have applied for.

All applicants will receive email notification whether successful or otherwise.

Trader pitch costs
3M X3M: from £350.00
4M X 3M: from £400.00
4M X 4M: from £450.00
6M  X 4M: from £600.00
CRAFT STALLS 3M X 3M MAX: from £180.00
CHARITY STALLS 3M X 3M MAX: from £150.00
ICE CREAM VANS: from £600.00