St Pauls Carnival
Saturday JULY 7th 2018

This July sees St Pauls Carnival return in style, celebrating 50 years since the first carnival in 1968. This iconic Bristol event represents the best of African Caribbean culture, as well as the diversity, creativity and vibrancy of its home city.

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The first St Pauls Carnival took place in 1968 in the St Pauls neighbourhood of Bristol. The annual African Caribbean carnival has since grown to become one of the city’s greatest cultural events.

St Pauls Carnival CIC

St Pauls Carnival Community Interest Company (CIC) was formed in February 2017 to help create a stable and sustainable future for the iconic event. We are working to promote and celebrate African Caribbean culture and traditions, and to run an accessible and inclusive world-class Carnival and supporting events. As well as using Carnival to inform, engage and inspire people socially and artistically, the CIC is working with local people to increase economic benefits to the community.



Marti Burgess


Ian Irvine



Cllr Carole Johnson

Non-executive Director

Denis Lindsay

Non-Executive Director

Pilo Cerguera Peso

Non-Executive Director

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Emma Lewis

Non-Executive Director

Yvonne Ramsaran  - Non-Executive Director

Beresford Lee - Non-Executive Director

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